Learn Real Stage & Street Hypnosis From Someone Who Performed Professionally Worldwide

with International Headliner Martin Castor

Twenty-five years of International shows.
Golden Buzzer Winner!

Las Vegas Casinos, Cruise Lines, Camp Sites, Television, Radio, Corporate, Fairs, Conferences, Universities, Schools, Prom's, and much much more...


Get ALL ACCESS now to this amazing content recorded LIVE in Holland, September 2020.

Be able to set up a complete show, and everything included when certified.

Professional Content

Stage and street hypnosis is way more than just fast inductions or a few funny skits. Martin Castor will teach everything he knows, and all the secrets most performers won't share.

Real Hands On

The theory is great, and there will be some. Hands-on is even better, and that is our main focus. Talk the talk, and walk the walk is required to be a true professional. Martin Castor will show you how.

Practical Necessities

Knowing "the show" is not enough. Get a full insight into all the prep work. Know all the behind the scenes stuff, and how to get your name out there.

Deliver anywhere at anytime

Learn the real science of hypnotizing anyone at any time, and more importantly. Learn how to pick the right people from the audience. Become a true performer, no matter what audience you have, and know all the craft's limitations.

3 Days of in-depth learning


Induction Techniques
The Induction Formula
Martins Bulletproof Show Induction
Three Types Of Audience
Types Of Shows
Who Are You As A Performer
Count Up Procedure
The Pretalk
Program Your Audience
Sleeping Hero's
7 Amazing Preshow Tests
Showhypnosis Neurology
The Perfect Hypnosis
Practical Knowledge
Sound, Light and Video Equipment
The European Model
The American Model
Speed Inductions For Stage
Fractioning - Hypnotize Anyone
71 Acts For Stagehypnosis
How To Fail Like A Boss
And Much Much More...

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Full Online Course

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